PowerpointImageExtractor 1.2

Fast free tool to extract both images and audio from your Powerpoint® files
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PowerpointImageExtractor is a fast free tool to make copies of the images and the audio contained in any PowerPoint® presentation or slideshow (PPT and PPS files). It creates a new folder in your system where all the images and a WAV file with the audio are stored (provided that audio is included in the presentation).

You do not need to have PowerPoint® installed in your computer and go through the tedious process of selecting, copying, and pasting every single image in a PPT or PPS file. This efficient application will not create images of your slides, nor will save the text included in this type of presentations – PowerpointImageExtractor looks only for image and audio files that already exist in the original file. There is no change in the original format of the image files, though if an image appears more than once in the same PowerPoint® file but with different resolutions, it is the smallest file (therefore, the one with the lowest quality) that is extracted to the target folder. To extract the image with the best quality you will need PowerpointImageCopier, another free tool from Alain Lecomte. Audio is always stored in WAV format, regardless of the audio format used to create the presentation.

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